About Us

If you had to decide between food and medicine, which would you choose?  Each night, nearly 15% of Arizona’s seniors face that very question.  At Gregory’s Fresh Market (GFM), a division of Diana Gregory Outreach Services Foundation, we’re committed to ending hunger and malnutrition among those who are often forgotten or ignored.  Our mission is to enrich the lives of Arizona seniors.  This is achieved through a holistic approach, including education to increase senior understanding and acceptance of making healthy food choices, fitness, on-site farmers markets, community organizing and advocacy.  We collaborate with over 10 organizations to bring healthy alternatives to seniors.  

Gregory’s Fresh Market is Arizona’s mobile farmers market, which provides mature Americans, living in senior residential communities, with access to fresh produce.  Since 2009, this 501(c)(3) organization has served more than 6,000 seniors in over 40 affordable and independent living facilities throughout the Greater Phoenix area. Many locations are in “food desert” areas. These are areas, where seniors have a need, but not always the resources, to access fresh fruits and vegetables. GFM provides independence for seniors, who lack mobility, and choices for food selection.

Contact us at 480-420-VEGI or 480-420-8344 for details.

Our Vision

To transform communities by promoting healthy lifestyles.

Our Mission

To enrich lives by providing access to fresh produce through on-site farmers’ markets, and programs in health, nutrition, fitness and education.

Our Values

Our values include team management, superior quality produce, superior service, gratitude, honesty, integrity, commitment to excellence, respect, and creativity.

We are an outreach organization that provides on-site farmers markets, and programs in health, nutrition, fitness, and education.

What we do

We provide seasonal favorites, and a variety of quality fresh fruits and vegetables at affordable prices.  We also offer nutrition education and fitness training classes. We make it possible for seniors to get the fresh fruits and vegetables they need…right where they live. We bring the market to them. We visit their facility once or twice monthly, bringing fresh fruits and vegetables. The mobile market is generally open for 1 ½ hours. Superior quality, US-grown produce is provided, and customized for the demographics of each location. A friendly Gregory’s Fresh Market team is always there to help.

You can volunteer at GFM events in several ways:

*Work at Health Fairs, Trade Shows, and Conferences
*Set up, merchandise and manage on-site farmer’s markets
*Pick up and deliver produce for farmer’s market
*Assist with registration at fundraising events
*Staff fundraising events
*Participate in fundraising development plans
*Assist with nutrition education and fitness classes
*Create marketing pieces for events
*Provide administrative support
*Pack produce bags for delivery to seniors


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