Diana Gregory Outreach Services offers the following four programs with the Farmers Market under the Gregory’s Fresh Market brand:

Seniors on the Move – Nutrition & Fitness Education

Nourishing Seniors – Interactive Workshops that Teach Healthy Eating & Lifestyles

Veggies for Veterans – Provide Homeless Veterans with Access to Fresh Fruits and Vegetables & Nutrition Education

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren – Helping Grandparents Stay Healthy As They Raise Grandkids

Nutrition for the Holidays  –  Over 2,000 seniors receive bags of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Each of these programs provides the following:

  • Increases the availability of fresh locally-grown fruits and vegetables for seniors and veterans in underserved areas.
  • Addresses the life-debilitating health risks within the low-income senior community and embraces more healthy life choices.
  • Teaches nutrition and exercise habits for a healthy lifestyle

Please contact us to learn more information about each of these programs at 480-420-VEGI or 480-420-8344.